Ice Sculptures and Premium Cocktail Ice

Residential Delivery Subscription


PDX ice Home delivery

Currently Delivering in the surrounding Portland, Oregon areas.

  1. Choose the frequency you would like your order to come by selecting the links below (Monthly or Bi-Monthly).

  2. Choose your desired package configuration.

  3. Be sure to include your cell phone number when checking out.

  4. Sit back and relax. We will text or email you when your order is on it’s way each time!

Please email us any inquires about Home Delivery


When you sign up for subscription ice service we will contact you to assign a delivery day. This day will be your set day every month or every other week. We will text or email you the day before your scheduled delivery for a reminder.

The box will be delivered to your door. Not home for a few hours? Don’t worry, we include dry ice in each box to keep everything pristine for hours. We will text or email you when your box has been delivered (if you are not home).